Information & Guests


Please note that any guest passes purchased prior to the 2023 season are invalid. Should you have any questions or concerns please reach out to


Registered Players and guests are required to observe the following rules.  

  1. Golf play is permitted only for Registered Players and persons playing with Registered Players who have purchased a guest pass, registered their guest and paid the daily guest fee of $40 for each round played by such guest (“Guests”). 
  2. All guests must be registered and accompanied by a Thunder Highlands Member. Failure to register your guest will result in their immediate dismissal from the course, as well as a financial penalty to the accompanying Member. The initial penalty will be $250, escalating to $500 on a secondary offence, and membership will be revoked without reimbursement on the occurrence of a third offence.
  3. Only Registered Players and Guests shall be permitted on the course. Non-golfers who are not Registered Players or Guests shall not be permitted on the course. 
  4. Play shall be on a “first come/first play basis” unless otherwise directed by the Course Superintendent or his delegate.
  5. Each golfer must have their own clubs, balls and tees. 
  6. No alcohol is permitted on the course. 
  7. A maximum of 4 golfers may be included in any playing group (no fivesomes without specific permissions). 
  8. Golfers must play at a reasonable pace and allow faster groups to play through.
  9. Golfers must repair all ball marks, replace divots and smooth sand in bunkers following shots. 
  10. Golfers must observe general rules of etiquette including minimizing noise and wearing appropriate attire including sneakers or spike-less golf shoes. 
  11. Golfers must leave the course at the commencement of any thunderstorms or at any time at the direction of the Course Superintendent or his delegate.
  12. Golfers must not leave any trash, garbage or other items on the course, and all such items must be removed by the golfer on departure.
  13. Overnight parking is NOT permitted in the upper parking lot. Any vehicle parked improperly may be towed at the owner’s expense.


The purpose of the Thunder Highlands code of conduct is to establish clear and acceptable expectations for Thunder Highlands Members and Guests. It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone, but to ensure all playing members and guests are treated with dignity and respect while playing and enjoying Thunder Highlands Golf Course.  

Thunder Highlands may suspend or terminate membership if it is determined that the member:

  • Exhibited unsatisfactory behavior or conduct
  • Failed to register guests, either initially or repeatedly.
  • Failed to abide by the rules of play, as set forth above.
  • Treated Thunder Highlands employees or any of the Course’s representatives in an unacceptable or abusive manner.
  • Failed to respect the golf course.
  • Abused the use of golf carts, whether personal or owned by Thunder Highlands.